On my 6th 90 day challenge. My goal was to reach 100lbs total lost and I crushed it. During this 90 day challenge we had a couple major milestones. 1. Mike and I both hit 100lbs lost with ViSalus. 2. When we went to Houston NST we only bought 2 plane tickets instead of 3 like when we previously traveled. Yes 3 tickets for 2 fat people. 3. We had the opportunity to go to Kehmah Boardwalk, and it was a very slow day, so we asked one of the ride operators if we could "test a seat and see if we fit", after a weird look, she agreed. Mike and I were both VERY excited to discover that we fit. We bought tickets and rode amusement park rides, the first time in 20 years. I love using the Transformation kit, and I love that ViSalus is helping us get healthy!! We are looking forward to continued weight loss and more active challenges in 2015.