My weight loss and fitness journey started in November of 2012. I was over 400 lbs. at the time, and I couldn’t accurately weigh myself because our scale maxed out at 400. I have struggled with weight all my life, and I have tried numerous things to help with losing weight, and all of them have failed. I was introduced to ViSalus from a friend of my wife’s, and it has forever changed my life. The shakes are so versatile and tasty; I just can’t put them down. I have added exercise at least 5 days a week to my daily routine, and I have successfully lost over 100 lbs. with ViSalus and exercise. My cholesterol dropped 19 points in my first 90 days. I am currently working on running (not walking) a 5K, and maybe a sprint triathlon. I am looking forward to losing the next 50 lbs. and being below my high school weight. ViSalus has truly saved my life.